Regent 7 was born out of an obsession with vintage guitars.

As well as capturing the aesthetic of these beautiful instruments we wanted to replicate the feel and tone to get you as close as possible to the “holy grail” that we tone searchers crave.

After owning and playing many pre-CBS guitars I believe the magic comes from variation. This gives every guitar its own unique voice and character. Our necks are hand-carved and while sticking to our favourite 5 neck shapes variation is inevitable. These small differences ensure every guitar we make is unique. However, we don’t stop there. We hand-wind every set of pickups to complement each individual guitar. The variables in radius, fret size and levels of ageing complete our objective.

We use unplasticised Nitrocellulose, period-correct tonewoods with measurements taken from our favourite vintage examples to achieve this goal.

Paired with the finest hardware and electrics available we believe you will be inspired.

And that’s the reason why we love vintage guitars.

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